F.Y.B.Sc. (Total papers - 7, Marks 700)
Compulsary Papers
1. Foundation Course Paper I
Optional Subjects
2. Physics (I, II) Mathematics (I, II) Mathematics (I, II) Group - A
3. Botany (I, II) Zoology (I, II) Chemistry (I, II) Group - B
S.Y.B.Sc. (Total papers - 7, Marks 700)
Compulsary Papers
1. Foundation Course Paper II
Optional Subjects - Any one group [A / B / C / D]
Group A : Chemistry & Botony Group B : Chemistry & Zoology
Group C : Chemistry & Physics Group D : Chemistry & Maths
T.Y.B.Sc.(Total papers - 8, Marks 800)
Chemistry Total 6 papers (06 Unit)
Applied Component (Two Papers) : Drugs & Dyes

Department of Chemistry


An effective Teaching – Learning adjunct to cater the need of industry in the context of the developing needs of the country.

Faculty Members
1] Mr. S. K. Ghumbre – M.Sc. (Org.)
Ghumbre S.K.(Head of Department, Chemistry) obtained his M.Sc degree in Chemistry(organic) from Dnyanopasak College, Parbhani, under S.R.T.M University, Nanded. He has qualified NET – UGC(JRF) twice held in Dec. 2009 and Jun. 2010. He has also qualified GATE exam held in Feb. 2010. He is also involved in research work & working on organic synthesis from last one year. He has published one paper in international journal.

Administrative Staff
1] Mr. A. S. Kulkarni – B.Sc. Lab. Assistance

2] Shrimti Dahivalkar P. P. – M.A. Lab Attendant
The chemistry department is one of the major departments of science faculty with six unit chemistry. The departmental faculty has published research papers in national and international journals and completed 03 minor research projects.

3] Mrs. S. K. Pendse
She has teaching experience of three years. She has completed M.Phil and is trying for to qualify NET/SET. She is involved in various college activities like member of examination committee, WDC, IQAC etc.

Future Plans
• To organise state level ‘Inter Disciplinary Conference’.
• To apply for laboratory as a research centre.

Department of Zoology

Faculty Members
1] Dr. A. M. Shaikh-M.Sc. Ph.D
2] Dr. R.S. Bhalerao-M.Sc. Ph.D

Administrative Staff
1] Mr. A. S. Kulkarni – B.Sc. (Lab. Assistant)
2] Mr. Gujarathi S. P– 12th (Lab Attendant)
The Department has the responsibility of teaching at F.Y., S.Y., T.Y.B.Sc. level.
Administrative Staff
1] Mr. A. S. Kulkarni – B.Sc. Lab. Assistance

3] Dr. A. M. Shaikh
Dr. Bhalerao R.S obtained his M.Sc and P.hD degree in zoology from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. At M.Sc, he has awarded ‘Dr. Nagabhushanam Gold Medal’ for securing highest number of marks in M.Sc. During his research work for P.hD, he has been awarded ‘Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship’ for financial support. He has published 4 research papers in National and International journals as well as attended and presented papers in conferences/seminars and workshops. His area of research is sericulture and hs has planning for sending research proposal to UGC.

Future Plans
• The department has planned to apply to UGC for add-on courses (fishery Science).
• To organise state level seminar on ‘Costal Biodiversity’.

Department of Physics

Administrative Staff
1] Mr. A. S. Kulkarni – B.Sc. (Lab. Assistant)
2] Mr. Sakpal S. G. – 12th (Lab Attendant)

Department of Botany

Faculty Members
1] Prof. M. G. Kawale – M. Sc.

Administrative Staff
1] Mr. A .S. Kulkarni – B.Sc. (Lab. Assistance)
2] Mr. Dambe S. E. – 12th (Lab Attendant)

3] Prof. M. G. Kawale
She has teaching experience of six years. The department has responsibility to teach upto T.Y.B.Sc. level and laboratory is well furnished with equipped. She has participated in various national conferences and presented research paper. She has published research papers in national journal and perusing Ph.D. on ‘marine algae’.

Future Plans
• To develop Botanical Garden in college campus.
• To apply UGC for add-on courses on Biotechnology.

Department of Mathematics

Faculty Members
Prof. H. P.Thorat – M. Sc., M.Phil.
The Mathematics Department is fortunate to have senior most faculty member. The department has responsibility of teaching at F.Y.B.Com and F.Y.B.Sc. level. He has the experience of 21 years. He has worked as incharge principal during 2006-2008, NSS programme officer during the period 1990-1998 and awarded as “Best Programme officer” by Lions club khed. At present he is successfully carrying the NCC unit of this college as a Company Commander.

He has completed M.Phil. Degree, orientation and refresher course. He is visiting faculty of MBA Vishwakarma Sahajeevan Institute of management Khed and YCMOU. He has submitted a minor Research project to UGC in 2009. He has worked in various college committees’ like Examination, sports, campus Discipline, cultural etc. as well as member of local managing committee.
He has awarded “Best Teacher” in 2007-08 by ‘Chhagandas Sura memorable Trust, Pune’.
During the next 5 years, The Department intends to organise workshop and guest lectures on biostatics.