F.Y.B.Com. (Total papers - 7, Marks 700)
1. Foundation Course Paper I 2. Commerce Paper I (Business System & Society)
3. Business Communication 4. Business Economics (I)
5. Accountancy & Financial Management (I) 6. Mathematical & Statistical Techniques
7.Environmental Studies
S.Y.B.Com. (Total papers - 6, Marks 600)
1. Foundation Course Paper II 2. Commerce Paper II (Marketing & Finance)
3.Business Economics (II) 4.Accountancy & Financial Management (II)
5.Business Law 6. Travel & Tourism (Applied Component)
S.Y.B.Com. (Total papers - 6, Marks 600)
1. Commerce Paper III (Business System & Society)
2. Business Economics (III)
3. Financial Accounting & Auditing (III)
4. Financial Accounting & Auditing (Auditing & Costing) (IV)
5. Financial Accounting & Auditing (Management Accounting) (V)
6. Marketing Research
7. Trade Unionism and Industrial Relation

Department of Commerce

Faculty Members
Mr. Chandrashekhar R. Salunkhe – M.Com, M.Phil, G.D.C. & A.
The Commerce Department of this college is dynamic by nature; it has always adopted new approaches & curriculums according to need of time. The department has separate forum to nurture its students essay writing service with practical knowledge under the banner of ‘Commerce Forum’. Along with the syllabus prescribed by university this department conduct visits to bank, industries, local establishment and students are given projects related to marketing survey and study; through this practice they are aware the knowledge of ICT. Besides this the students of this department are recommended in local establishment for the job purpose.

Mr. Chandrashekhar Salunkhe a head of commerce department has a experience of 16 years in teaching. He has completed PG, M.Phil. as well as orientation, refresher course and Ph.D. on management is going on through Pune university. He has completed minor research project funded by BCUD, besides this he has participated and presented research papers in various national conferences/ seminar. He is honoured as ‘Best Teacher’ by two different NGOs. He has appointed as examiner & Moderator at University exams. Besides this, invited as resource person and guest lecturer in various academic, social programmes and actively participated in various college committees. Along with this socially involment through various NGOs

Future Plans
A Commerce department of this college has planned to organize state level seminar in a next academic year as well as 02 days workshop for students to induce them Share Market working. The buyessayscheap department has proposed for UGC funded minor research project and also planned a mock interview programme for students to minimise their interview-phobia.

Department of Accountancy

The department of accountancy is one of the important departments in commerce as account is back-bone of same. The department has responsibility to teach financial a/c, management a/c and cost accountancy.

Faculty Members
Prof. Shete Shivprasad M. – M.Com. SET
He has 02 year of teaching experience with SET qualified. He has participated in workshop regarding syllabus revision and involved in college activities through member of sport committee, college exam committee etc.

5 Years plan.
-To organise workshop and state level seminar
-To invite a relevant personalities to guide student of this college regarding job opportunities.

Department of Economics

Faculty Members
1] Prof. S.S. Nale -M.A. M.Phil

2] Prof. V.A.Salunkhe-M.A. M.Phil

The Economics Department is the one Department of this college which has also twin responsibility of arts and commerce stream from F.Y. to T.Y. classes.

1] Prof. S.S. Nale -M.A. M.Phil

He has teaching experience of 17 years. He has completed M.Phil degree and orientation as well as refresher course. He has participated in various workshops/ seminars.
He is involved in college developmental activities through various committees as a convenor, which is as follows- coordinator (IDOL subcenter ICS college khed), NSS programme officer, admission personal statement writing service committee, exam committee, UGC committee, etc.
He is also involved in university level activities like paper setter and moderator for T.Y.B.Com. in the subject economics.

2] Prof. V.A.Salunkhe-M.A. M.Phil

He has teaching experiences of 17 years. He has completed M.Phil degree and orientation as well as refresher course. He worked as NSS coordinator, member of exam committee for 4 year while at present he is working as a coordinator – YCMOU, study centre of this college as well as ‘Editor’ of college magazine. He has sanctioned minor research project (Rs. 95000) funded by UGC Pune.

Plan for next 5 years
-The department of Economics plans to organise state and national level seminars on contemporary issues and workshops for to discussion on the revised syllabus.
– to invite imminent speakers for to guide student regarding their carrier advancement.