F.Y.B.A. (Total papers - 6, Marks 600)
Compulsary Papers
1.Foundation Course Paper I
3.Communication Skill in English
Optional Subjects
1.Marathi (I) or Hindi (I)
2.History (I) or Geography (I)
3.English (I) or Economics (I)
S.Y.B.Com. (Total papers - 8, Marks 800)
Compulsary Papers
1.Foundation Course Paper II
2.Population Studies (Applied Component)
Optional Subjects - Two papers for each subject selected in first year
1.Marathi (II, III) or Hindi (II, III)
2.History (II, III) or Geography (II, III)
3.English (II, III) or Economics (II, III)
T.Y.B.Com (Total papers - 6, Marks 600) Unit 3
3 papers each for any 2 optional subjects selected from First/Second year
1. Marathi (IV, V, VI) 2.Geography (IV, V, VI)
3.Hindi (IV, V, VI) 4.Economics (IV, V, VI)
5.English (IV, V, VI) 6.History (IV, V, VI)
Geography 6th unit is available. 6th unit for English, Economics will be available soon.

Department of Marathi

Faculty Members
Prof. S.S.Patole — M.A. B.Ed. M.Phil.
He has teaching experience of year and is working as head of department. The department has responsibility of F.Y. to T.Y. B.A level. He is working on various committees in the college as a member and convenor. He has completed M.Phil degree, recently registered for Ph.D. and sanctioned one minor research project funded by UGC.

Department of English

The department of accountancy is one of the important departments in commerce as account is back-bone of same. The department has responsibility to teach financial a/c, management a/c and cost accountancy.

Faculty Members
1] Prof. Jeurkar M.U. – M.A.

She has teaching experience of year and is working as head of department. She is coordinator of cultural committee, previously worked as a member and convenor of various committees.

2] Prof. Yadav B.G. – M.A

He has teaching experience of year, working as a coordinator of ‘English Lab’ and worked as convenor of college examination. He is perusing Ph.D. in English literature. He is involved in ‘Yoga’ and guiding to students and teachers of this college as well as visiting to various school colleges for the same.

Department of Hindi

Faculty Members
Dr. Shinde V. S. – M.A. B.Ed. Ph.D.
She has teaching experience of 18 years. The department having responsibility to teach F.Y. to T.Y. B.A. her contribution to college through various committees’ convenor and members besides this she has also involved at university level activities as member of Board of studies. She is author of 5 books in Hindi and Marathi literature and published research papers in national Journals.
She has participated in various workshop, seminar, and conferences and at present caring one minor research project sanctioned by UGC whereas one minor research projected (sanctioned by BCUD, uni. Mumbai) is complicated. Elected member of Board studies in Hindi from 1st Sept. onwards to next five years.

Department of History

Faculty Members
Prof. G.B. Sarang – M.A. (History) M.A (Sub.Commun.) Ph.D
Presently he is working as an Principal of this college. The department having responsibility to teach F.Y. To T.Y. B.A. He has worked on various college committees, resource person in nearby colleges and from last 10 years delivering guest lectures for M.A. in neighbouring colleges.
He is perusing Ph.D. on ‘Ancient Konkan’ and published research paper in reputed national journals. He has coordinated and organised state level workshop in the Department of History, collaboration with UGC. Due to his innovation in this field, he has awarded as Best teacher by ‘Chhagandas Sura memorial trust, Pune’. He has elected as a member of Board studies in History for next five years.

Department of Geography

Faculty Members
1] Dr. Anita Awati – H.O.D. M.A., Ph.D.
2] Prof. D.D. Agam – M.A., B. Ed.
The Dept. teaches Geography at F.Y.B.A., S.Y.B.A., and T.Y.B.A. (03 Papers) and Environmental Studies at F.Y.B.Com, Travel Tourism at S.Y.B.COM level.
The Department is enriched with Thematic and Topographical Maps, wall maps, aerial photos, satellite imageries, weather instruments, and rock samples as well as numerous reference books, besides this department organise one week study tour every year. The department organised state level seminar collaboration with UGC and workshop collaboration with university of Mumbai.

3] Dr. Anita Awati

Dr. Anita Awati is working as a head of this department from 18 years, has good academic & research background. She has completed Ph.D. on ‘Tourism Geography’ & participated/presented (research papers) in various workshops/ seminars /conferences at State, National & International Levels. She has contributed for curriculum designing; at University level as a member of syllabus committee especially for F.Y.B.A & S.Y.B.A class. She has been appointed as Moderators & Examiner for theory & practical papers at University level. She has actively involved in various NGOs and organisation like Youth Hostel Association, Maharashtra Bhugol Parishad, Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad & Vasundhara Nisarga Sewa Sangh. Elected member of Board studies in Geography for next five years.
She has called as special invitee for Geography educational material generation campaign organised by the Maharashtra State Text Book Board, Pune for secondary school.
She has contributed her experience and also shared various responsibilities at college level as L.M.C. Member, Convener of various college committees. She has honoured as ‘Best Teacher’ by Local NGO for academic & social contribution. She has elected as a member of Board of Study(Mumbai University) in Geography for next 5 years.

4] Prof. D. D. Agam

He has teaching experience of year and is senior most faculties of Arts. He is District Co-ordinator of N.S.S (University). He has awarded as ‘Best Co-ordinator’ by Parent University. He is working as a member in various college committees.